StreamOcean helped “go to Premier league” to be ranked top free sport App in Apple AppStore Sport category in eight hours

“Premier league reviewed by zhanjun”,  the first release of super sport’s electronic magazine “Go to Premier league”, was formally launched in Apple’s official application store on the evening of 12 November 2012. In the short span of eight hours it jumped to first rank in Sports classes!

About Super Sports

Super Sports Media Inc is an innovative sports media management agency. Working on the sports events and pre- and post-game programs to attract sports fans, Super Sports is China’s most trusted partner for major sports events, and most valuable sports events content provider to all kinds of media to bring exciting sports entertainment to Chinese audience.

Super Sports media Inc has the exclusive for video and audio broadcasts rights of English Premier League in China and Macao, and established strategic partnership with English Premier League and its clubs.

About StreamOcean

StreamOcean’s world leading OTT video delivery network provides end-to-end, high quality video delivery service for content providers and telecom carriers. Patented StreamSense™ core technologies implement server side HTTP dynamic adaptive bit rate streaming, long distance high definition live video, large concurrent of Live or VOD streams, real time transcoding, multi-screen end device and scalable video cloud platform. Partnered with content providers and telecom carriers, StreamOcean launched brand new TicketoChina business model – a content-led, technology based video service platform. 

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