StreamOcean Signed Cooperation Strategic Agreement with Sinosat HK

StreamOcean signed Cooperation strategic agreement with Sinosat HK on Media exchange and delivery. By leveraging each other resource and technologies, we will set up video delivery platform and video delivery technology center, and intelligent satellite TV delivery platform. The platform will implement one source on multiple screen and one source on multiple network through mobile network, telecom cables, wifi, and Internet after one point landing through satellite for OTT TV and mobile TV.


SINOSAT (HK) Limited (SinosatHK) (former China Digital satNet Ltd) which is wholly owned by SINOSAT, and has a Fixed Carrier License in HK (OFTA – License No. 012). Based on the extensive resources of SINOSAT and a large major telehubs located at Sino Favour Centre in Hong Kong, has established a satellite based broadband network and leading platform connecting the world with China & Asia. SinosatHK provides SCPC, DVB/IP, Internet Access, UPLINK, VPN, TV Transmission, Multimedia Delivering, Mobile satellite service, IDC service and other value-added services.

About StreamOcean

StreamOcean’s world leading VDN (Video Delivery Network) provides end-to-end, high quality video delivery service for content providers and telecom carriers. It is a converged OTT (Over-the-Top) multi-screen Live streaming cloud, providing high quality of video experience (QoE) on top of public Internet from anywhere to anywhere in the world instantly. Our goal is to build up one global TV network to delivery HD(1080p), super HD (4K) streaming on low cost Internet by breaking geography, bandwidth, and terminal limitation.

StreamOcean co-built on-demand HD Video cloud platforms with Video Service Providers (VSP) and enabled emerging brand new video businesses; and partnered with Content Providers (CP) via own video delivery infrastructure to help VSP on content value-add services.

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