Fastweb and StreamOcean Team Up to Build New Generation of Intelligent CDN Network

Beijing, China – Aug 23, 2010 –  Fastweb and StreamOcean, one is the leading CDN service provider, and the other one is the leading intelligent video technology leader. The two companies jointly announced on August 23, they will focus on their strengths and operational management of advanced technology, work together to build next generation intelligent video CDN network for China’s video service providers

The photo above is the CEO and founder of StreamOcean Joanna Zang


According to China Internet Network Information Center’s release, the 25th “China Internet Development Statistics Report” shows that by the end of 2009, online video users reached 240 million, representing an increase of 38.44 million in late 2008, the use rate is 62.6%. In the market perspective, online video is increasingly being recognized as a form of media present. The market value, the advertising value of online video will continue to increase.

Based on nowadays online video status quo and development trend, the future development of online video will have the following features:

1. The user scale growth environment and the value of the industry continues to improve

With the rapid growth of Chinese netizens, the improve of network bandwidth condition, driven by the trend of integration of telecom, radio and TV, and Internet networks/integration of telecom, broadcasting and Internet networks. Those facts will greatly enhance the value of online video media and also have great commercial value.

2. The video website becoming media-based, more and more advertisers choose video marketing

On the one hand, with the concept “network television” gradual coming to operations and video content standardization, online video play a more and more important role in media. It also gains increasingly attention from advertisers. Enterprise also pay more attention on internet marketing, video ads can be expressive, attractive and accurate than traditional media. The increasing online video users show the video marketing still have more possible.

3. The state television network joined the game, forcing the private video site search for new and differentiated strategic

Due to the join of the national television network, it will promote further standardization of online video sites. Under the new situation, how to compete with “national television network”, the formations of new competitive differentiation, or win-win cooperation, are the new problems various video sites have to consider.

4. Online video will soon get rid of alternative role as the mainstream mass video consumption

More and more video sites claimed as “network television”, as well as the emergence of China’s national television network, it shows the importance of online video to internet users, and they are try to use  this concept to attract more television viewers, and also, more users chose online video as their first choice of watch video. Due to the trend of integration of telecom, radio and TV, and Internet networks/integration of telecom, broadcasting and Internet networks. The online TV will change the role, no longer be consider as a backup for traditional TV, but as a primarily content provider’s identity come into people’s living room, take over user’s audio and video terminals.

About Beijing Fastweb

Beijing Fastweb Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2006. Since its founding,in just three years, it assembled a world-class technical team, developed many cutting edge technologies, gained rich operational experiences, and now became the leading CDN provider in China.

At this point, Fastweb network has over 150 locations, covering almost every province, and all major telecom carriers including China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, CERNET, etc.. And the CDN customers of Fastweb surpassed 200. Fastweb CloudCDN platform provides cost-effective solutions to the China south-north peering issues, and meets the requirements for website acceleration, scalability, peak events, and security. Using Fastweb will not only greatly reduce upfront website equipment and operational cost, but also speedup the online access of Internet end-users, therefore, realize the win-win situation for both customers and end-users.

With the world-class CDN technical experts, Beijing Fastweb is the first to start the cloud computing based CDN — CloudCDN. Fastweb developed many advanced CDN SAAS technologies including static content acceleration, dynamic content acceleration, video streaming distribution, distributed storage, CDN monitoring, website visit analysis, network status detection, alarm/alert, etc. These technologies combined with our CDN operation experiences will provide high quality content delivery service for Internet portals, news, media, online games, ecommerce, financial service, government organizations, online education, enterprises, etc..

About StreamOcean

StreamOcean, Inc. is a leading high-tech company focused on creating high scalable intelligent Video Delivery Network (VDN). StreamOcean provides a converged VDN solution or B2B service for Content Providers and Video Service Providers across all business sectors. StreamOcean’s patent pending StreamSense™ technology enables the unique server side HTTP bitrate adaptive streaming ensuring Quality of Experience (QoE) for Everywhere HD video. Intelligent StreamOcean video networks support multi-protocol, multi-format and multi-bitrate video delivery allowing true multi-screen without player/plug-in/app installation.

StreamOcean delivers optimised network performance and therefore lower distribution costs through intelligent network delivery not only by offering the industry’s highest density multi-screen streaming but also through high speed video ingestion and multi-level caching to ensure video content management is always optimised for end user delivery.

StreamOcean Video Delivery Network (SOVDN) aims to build highly efficient Internet and network video delivery infrastructure by enabling SCALABLE PRIVATE and PUBLIC VIDEO CLOUD TURNKEY SOLUTIONS, at the basis of turnkey system and perpetual licenses, as well as managed service. StreamOcean’s software platform offers a complete solution for the acquisition, transcoding, distribution, storage, delivery and management of video content to viewers on any platform anywhere in the world.

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