StreamOcean StreamSense Support Alibaba Netrepreneurs Conference Live Broadcasting

Beijing, China – Sep. 14, 2010 – StreamOcean’s 4th generation intelligent video delivery platform technology has been applied in the live broadcasting project of Alibaba Netrepreneurs Conference held in Hangzhou during 10 – 11 September.

The 7th Netrepreneurs Conference raised the curtain in Hangzhou, “e-business capital of China,” on September 10. 200,000 netentrepreneurs from around the world focused on the theme of “new webbusiness&new civilization “, to explore how to establish new business civilization, and to promote the new Internet economy.(More videos:

Alibaba Netrepreneurs Conference Live centre leader Mr. Ziming Song said, StreamOcean has successfully complete the live project of the conference with great quality. Though we didn’t use the latest StreamOcean streaming technology, their professional support and service has been satisfied and approved.

StreamOcean System Support Director Wei Cheng introduced that according to our data feedback from Europe, America and Asia, the video quality was great not only in China, but also around the world.

About StreamOcean

StreamOcean, Inc. is a leading high-tech company focused on creating high scalable intelligent Video Delivery Network (VDN). StreamOcean provides a converged VDN solution or B2B service for Content Providers and Video Service Providers across all business sectors. StreamOcean’s patent pending StreamSense™ technology enables the unique server side HTTP bitrate adaptive streaming ensuring Quality of Experience (QoE) for Everywhere HD video. Intelligent StreamOcean video networks support multi-protocol, multi-format and multi-bitrate video delivery allowing true multi-screen without player/plug-in/app installation.

StreamOcean delivers optimised network performance and therefore lower distribution costs through intelligent network delivery not only by offering the industry’s highest density multi-screen streaming but also through high speed video ingestion and multi-level caching to ensure video content management is always optimised for end user delivery.

StreamOcean Video Delivery Network (SOVDN) aims to build highly efficient Internet and network video delivery infrastructure by enabling SCALABLE PRIVATE and PUBLIC VIDEO CLOUD TURNKEY SOLUTIONS, at the basis of turnkey system and perpetual licenses, as well as managed service. StreamOcean’s software platform offers a complete solution for the acquisition, transcoding, distribution, storage, delivery and management of video content to viewers on any platform anywhere in the world.