About StreamOcean

StreamOcean was founded in November 2006 in San Jose, California. It’s a leading high-tech company focused on creating highly scalable intelligent VideoDelivery Network (VDN). StreamOcean provides converged VDN solutions and B2B services for Content Providers and Video Service Providers across all business sectors.

We help you move your traditional TV business onto the Internet at an ultra-low cost without sacrificing video quality.

You simply provide a single Live feed / VOD origin source. Our Video Delivery Network performs video contribution, transcoding, storage, distribution, management, caching, and streaming to your targeted viewers on any end device (TV, PC, Pad, smart phones) and any client player with seamless compatibility.

With our unique Server Side HTTP Smooth Streaming technology, StreamOcean server dynamically detects network congestion and client side condition and proactively sends the best-bitrate stream to each client, with absolutely no network overhead.

We offer you managed services and solutions to build your private video cloud. We also offer public video cloud services for small and medium customers ready to go online within short notice.


– DFJ Dragon
DFJ Dragon is a famous venture capital firm, formed in partnership with Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson, a leading global VC fund with over $6B under network management and has funded many well-known companies including Hotmail, Skype, Baidu, Focus Media, KongZhong, etc.

China Electronics Corporation (CEC) is one of the key state-owned conglomerates directly under the administration of central government, and the largest state-owned IT company in China. CEC administrates a constellation of well-known IT companies in China; By the end of 2006, CEC has total assets around $7.1B and sales revenue around $8B.